Insurance Management

At NEAM we provide cost effective and comprehensive insurance cover that gives each property owner peace of mind.

We are not tied to any brokers and do not accept any commissions from insurance brokers for placing your business and are extremely proud of our commitment to pass all negotiated reductions in insurance premiums back to you the owner.

Our standard services include:

1)  Identify potential insurance providers to provide necessary insurance cover including:- building reinstatement; fire and perils; lift engineering; public liability; employer/employee liability; directors and officers; alternative accommodation cover.
2)  Liaise with insurance provider/broker in procuring cover on the basis of appropriate professional advice.
3)  Liaise with the insurance provider/broker on renewal of all policies.
4)  Preparation of insurance claims on behalf of the Client and/or its members under the Client’s relevant policy.
5)  Negotiation of premium payment schedule with insurance provider/ broker.
6)  To record and receive insurance settlements on behalf of the Client.
7)  To notify the insurers of interested parties as advised.

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