North East Apartment

North East Apartment Management provides a managing agent service to directors of multi unit residential developments in County Louth, County Meath and North County Dublin. We provide a complete services ensuring to maintain and develop the common areas of the development to a high standard.

We have been providing a managing agent service to multi unit developments since 2001 and have extensive experience in providing a professional service to the common areas of apartment blocks, housing units, mixed apartment & housing units and mixed apartment & commercial units.

North East Apartment is licensed by the Property Services Regulator to provide a managing agent service to multi unit developments.

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Enjoying the peace of mind knowing your property is being managed by experts in the industry.
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Our Accounting System

Our in house accounting system is used to maintain accounts for each development separately. This allows us to present current financial information to the directors and to provide professional information to the auditor to prepare the annual accounts for the members of the management company.

One of the most important functions of the directors of management companies is to ensure that the company remains financially viable. As the only source of funds for the management company is the service fees received from members. It is important that the service fee actively collected under the terms laid out in the Lease Agreement. We have developed a comprehensive service fee collection policy which, when approved by the management company, is used to follow up service fee arrears in a structured and timely manner.

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Operating since 2001 we have extensive experience in providing a professional services to our clients.
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Wide Range of Trusted Advisors

When issues arise, we have a wide range of trusted advisors available to provide support on legal, accounting, building surveying and other technical problems.

We have a range of service providers (waste collection, electrical maintenance, plumbers, general maintenance, gardening, cleaning, lift maintenance, fire alarm maintenance, automatic door and gate maintenance etc) who quote competitively with us for annual contracts.