APARTMENT WATER LEAKS– Owner communication

  • June 16, 2021
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APARTMENT WATER LEAKS– Owner communication


  • There is a water overflow pipe on every gas boiler – usually situated above or below the boiler exhaust pipe. The usual cause of an overflow is a faulty pressure control valve in the boiler which is visible from a small metal pipe on the outside wall of the apartment resulting in brown staining on the wall.
  • Owners / residents should use an approved gas boiler service technician to correct the fault in the boiler.


  • There is an overflow pipe on all cold water storage tanks in apartments – usually a plastic pipe situated below the soffit in top floor apartments or through the exterior wall on lower apartments. The usual cause is a faulty ball valve in the cold water tank.
  • Some toilet cisterns, without an internal bowl overflow system, have an overflow pipe through the exterior wall of the apartment. The usual cause is a faulty ball valve in the toilet cistern.
  • Owners / residents should contact a plumber to fix / replace faulty ball valve.


  • The seals, to prevent water leaks, usually perish over time which cause water leakage, particularly while showering, and affects the floor below and can & does cause ceiling damage to rooms or apartments below the bathroom.
  • Tiles in shower locations are prone to water leaks if the tile grout becomes perished or falls out.
  • Owners / residents should check tile grout and silicone seals and have repairs carried out by a competent repair person as necessary.
  • Any leaks noted (eg. Taps, pipes, radiators, hot press) must be repaired immediately.


  • Owners are responsible for internal apartment issues and for issues arising from their apartment affecting other apartments or the common areas, including the items listed above.
  • Owners may be invoiced for damage caused to common areas where prompt action is not carried out to address damage issues.
  • Owners should provide a copy, and explain this notice, to all residents and new tenants.
  • INSURANCE IMPLICATIONS – As the most common insurance claims are for water damage, insurance companies increase the claims excess amount where there is a history of water damage claims. Claimants are liable for the excess which is deducted from the assessed total value of any claim.

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